Sphynx General Information

Our kittens are raised as part of our family.  They are loved and socialized from the moment they are born.  Our queens and studs are members of our family.  They live and play in our home and are not caged.  We use cat trees, wicker baskets with heating pads or electric warming blankets, and sisal rope scratching posts.  Our cats are current on vaccinations and receive regular veterinary care.  Our Sphynx also share our home with our Great Dane.


Our kitten prices range from $1600 for pet kittens. Our prices include kitten's spay/neuter surgery, up to date vaccinations (usually a series of three / rabies) and deworming.  We test all our cats for FELV/FIV and guarantee your kitten to arrive negative for those diseases.  They also receive a thorough examination from our veterinarian.  We also give a one year health guarantee for congenital disease/defect.  Our adults are scanned regularly with echocardiograms to assess their HCM status.


We do require that you sign a contract when you adopt a kitten from us.  This contract protects both us (the seller) and you (the buyer), but most importantly it protects the kitten.  It states what we have done and our commitment to the kitten, and what we would expect you to do for the continuation of his/her care.  A loving home is what we want for our kittens.  We are more than willing to e-mail or "snail" mail a contract to you for review.  You may also view and print this contract online.

View Contract PDF


We will fly with your kitten to your local airport.  Flying usually costs between $350 - $450 on average and includes my airfare, bedding, health certificate and veterinary examination.  The airfare fee must be paid by the buyer.  We also encourage new pet owners to fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport where we will meet you.

Reserving a Kitten

When you choose which kitten you want to make part of your family, we require that a $400 non-refundable deposit be sent to reserve your kitten.  The deposit is then subtracted from the balance of the cost of the kitten.

Waiting Lists

Kittens are reserved on a first come, first reserve basis.

Leaving Home

We allow our kittens to go to their new homes from 14 to 16 weeks of age.

Breeding Kittens

We do not sell intact kittens.



Although Sphynx have no hair that requires grooming, they are not maintenance free.  They require bathing, on the average about once a week, with ear cleaning and nail clipping.  We are happy to answer any questions regarding cleaning and caring for your Sphynx.


We have found that most individuals with cat allergies can interact with Sphynx very well.  However, Sphynx are not "hypoallergenic".  If you have allergies, we recommend that you check out the Sphynx for yourself before you adopt to insure that you will be able to tolerate them.