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We love to share pictures of our cats, especially when they are up to their fun-loving antics that only a Sphynx is known for!  If you have any pictures of your special little KatteyCasa Sphynx at play or at blissful rest please send them to us!  We'd love to share them for all to enjoy.


Piccolo is our rescue Munchkin.

CH Katteycasa Strutin MyStuf IntheBuff

Yewbie Nakkeddermis of Katteycasa X Jezzeca of Katteycasa
Seal Point and White

Cairo is an own son of our Nicky.  Cairo has done very well in his show career and has now graduated to a producing sire of KatteyCasa Sphynx.  His lovely eyes and regal manor make him a terrific addition to our program.


Alnakeed Odd and Ends of Sundancenbare

Thanks to Diana Scott of Sundancenbare Sphynx of Salt Lake City, UT  for loaning us this wonderful Scotland-born male.   He has the most loving disposition and extreme wrinkling.


Katteycasa Bare Bear

  • Yewbie Nakkeddermis of Katteycasa X Gailray Nefratetti of Katteycasa
  • Black and White Male

Acatranch Alley Oop of Gleadom

  • Black & White Tuxedo Male 
  • Owned by:  C.Sue and Don Gleason
  • Bred By: Joan and Louis Simmons 
  • Sire of Ch. Katteycasa Odd-I-See

CH Sundancenbare Ooh-LaLaof KatteyCasa

  • CH  Meowacres Hunter Moon X Sundancenbare Wonderful Miracle
  • Seal Lynx Point Female


Jezzeca of Katteycasa

  • Crystalskye Champo Unique X Catshack Minie Lenell
  • Black and White Female

CH Katteycasa Lunar Eclipse

  • Katteycasa Bare Moon X Bare Bear
  • DOB 3-16-12
130127_1273_lunar eclipseLARGE3

CH Katteycasa Bare Sophistication

  • CH Katteycasa Oops-A-Daisy X Katteycasa Bare Bear
  • Birthdate: January, 2, 2012
130127_1489_bare sophisticationBLUELARGE1

CH Katteycasa Naked by Design

  • Yewbie Nakeddermis of Katteycasa X Gleadom's Fire Spark of Katteycasa

DC KatteycasaNudee Trudee

  • ACFA Double Champion
  • CH Katteycasa Cat-See Cline X Katteycasa Bare Bear
  • Birthdate: February 8, 2011
  • Black Van Female

QGC Katteycasa Bare Flirtation

  • Katteycasa Bare Bearx Jezzeca of Katteycasa
  • Black & White Female
  • 2015 - CFA Grand Champion
  • 2008 TICA Best of Breed Sphynx (Great Lakes Region)
  • 2008 TICA 3rd Best Black & White Sphynx Internationally
    Quad Grand Champion in TICA
  • 2009 TICA Great Lakes Region BEST of BREED
  • 2009 CFA Midwest Region 2nd BEST of BREED

Katteycasa Bare Moon

CH Katteycasa Bare Bear X Jezzeca of Katteycasa


RW QGC Sundancenbare Im A Treasure


CH Katteycasa Harlequin Romance "Quinn"

  • Katteycasa Bare Bear X Sundancenbare
  • I'm A Treasure Black & White Bi Color
  • Birthdate: February 2, 2014


Saintly City Cat Show

We attended the Saintly City Cat Show again this year.  This morning when the Minneapolis Star and Tribune paper came,  the only picture from the cat show happened to be our one and only "Razz Bare E Smoothie".   They didn't spell is name correctly,  but we didn't tell him!!  He is such a character and greeted everyone this weekend with the same expression in the picture.  As long as they were willing  to give him some attention, he was willing to purr.


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Ch. Katteycasa Odd-I-See's daughter, Mata Hari, in the June 2015 Edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.



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